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During the 6-month acceleration period our SMEs received mentorship, in-house support, dedicated events, media promotion and access to an international network.


Additionally, we foster the wider open data ecosystem, by offering a number of resources such as training material, tools and reports. The topics covered were very broad, from how to use open data, tips to starting a business or where to find office space.

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ODINE external evaluators

We would like to thank the following experts for their excellent work as external evaluators:
  • Alexander Johan Slaghuis, Open State F

ODINE Data Value Chains DB

Open Data available about the ODINE Data Value Chains. The dataset (available as CSV files and SQLite database) contains information about the

Yuscale’s Business Model Canvas

Click here for Yuscale's BMC.  

Viomedo’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Viomedo's BMC.

Environment System’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Environment system's BMC.

Tilde’s Business Model Canvas

Click here for Tilde's BMC.

Sentinel Hub’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Sentinel Hub's BMC.

OpenLaws Business Model Canvas

Click here to see OpenLaws BMC.

OpenCorporates Business Model Canvas

Click here to see OpenCorporates BMC.

Mint-Labs Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Mint-Labs BMC

Landtech’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Landtech's BMC.

Konetik’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Konetik's BMC.

InStats Business Model Canvas

Click here to see InStats BMC.

IDALAB’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see IDALAB's BMC.

Hybridstat’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Hybridstat's BMC.

Guide2Property’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Guide2Property's BMC

Greenspin’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Greenspin's BMC.

Green City Solutions Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Green City Solution's BMC

FSTR’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see FSTR's BMC

Exceedence’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Exceedence's BMC

Derilinx’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Derilinx's BMC

Contagt’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Contagt's BMC.

Comoprice’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Commoprice's BMC.

Bike Citizens Business Model Canvas

Click here to see Bike Citizens BMC.

ASK HELMUT’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to see ASK HELMUT's BMC

1848’s Business Model Canvas

Click here to view 1848's BMC

Suade – Best practices for data standards

ODINE Impact Assessment

View a copy of the ODINE Impact Assessment conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC)

ODINE startup’s 1 page profiles

Download a PDF copy of our ODINE startup profiles

Startup Europe Partnership Monitor

Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) map  of European scaleups, startups that are scaling, creating jobs and boosting economic impact

IoT Case Studies

OpenSensors Case Studies for Workplace Occupancy Monitoring and Parking Space Management<

Grow your business in Europe

Practical services and visibility for companies looking to expand their operations in Europe

ODINE YouTube Video-Channel

Check more videos about the project, the incubated companies and the team on our YouTube channel

Smart Technologies in Tourism report

Case study on the influence of iBeacons on customer experience during the 2015 SAIL Amsterdam event and data generated by IoT interactivity

SME Instrument by European Commission

The SME Instrument programme supports highly innovative SMEs with a commercial ambition, potential for high-growth and internationalisation

EU funding for startups

Startup mentoring with Miguel Garcia from FINODEX talking about European funding for startups

Webinar on Applying to ODINE

What to do? what not to do? what are the features of successful proposals?

Esri Startup Programme

Free 3-year program that provides tools to build mapping and location analytics capabilities into SMEs products

Open data startups business model

The three things every open data start up needs for their business model

Business model innovation course

Click here to see the slides of the course delivered in November 2015 for ODINE startups

Anonymisation online learning

A course developed by the UK Anonymisation Network

FIWARE Lab data portal

A CKAN instance that publishes or harvests open data resources from the Smart Cities that are experimenting with FIWARE technologies

Pan European data portal, providing access to open, freely reusable datasets from local, regional and national public bodies across Europe

European Open Data Portal

The European Union Open Data Portal is the single point of access to a growing range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the Europe

Awesome public datasets 

Extensive list of high-quality heterogeneous datasets in public domains that can be used by developers

Cosmos Big Data

Tool to create Hadoop clusters and shared Hadoop instance for experimentation

IoT Agents (IDAS)

Platform to connect and manage IoT devices and publish data through NGSI Context API

Context Broker

Implementation of NGSI API to create context aware smart applications and exploit or publish Open and Agile Smart Cities data

EDP eLearning

13 short modules designed for anyone to discover more about open data

Open Data for sustainable development

What is Open Data and how it relates to broadly defined international development goals

Open data stories from the ODI

Stories that demonstrate the social, economic and environmental benefits of open data

Executive Agency for SMEs

EASME manages several EU calls focused on SMEs. It is a good source of information on EU funding for entrepreneurship

The Open Data Handbook

This handbook discusses the legal, social and technical aspects of open data

How to start a startup

Everything you should know about starting a startup, for free

EU Entrepreneurship 2020 plan

Fostering the creation of new businesses and creating a much more supportive environment for existing entrepreneurs to thrive and grow

Over 500 open data resources

Open data platforms, catalogues and reports

List of ODINE incubation services

Here is a list of services for SMEs incubated in the ODINE programme

Open Data & Digital Transformation

Is Open Data used equally throughout all industry sectors? What do most companies use the data for?

Open data and e-skills

Which skills do you need to work with Open Data? Are only technical skills required or should a data scientist be able to do everything?

The value of open data (McKinsey)

Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute

Dissemination material for sharing

Would you like to spread the word about ODINE? Here you can find useful templates to share


12 months of SendGrid's Pro 300K absolutely free, with a total value of $2400

IBM Softlayer

Up to $100K free infrastructure

AWS Activate

Get up to $10K in AWS credits for ODINE SMEs

FIWARE Lab Cloud

Free cloud resources for experimentation in the FIWARE Lab environment

Funding for startups

Fuel your business and make sure you select the best funding options. We'll cover pitching, investment deck, funding sources

LinDA Workbench

Turn data into Linked Data, transform open data sets, perform advanced queries and extract meaningful visualisations and analyses results

Open Data misc

Collection of useful resources about open data

Linda Query Builder

Tool to interactively build SPARQL queries