ODINE Newsletter – November 22nd

ODINE Newsletter – November 22nd


Company Updates

  • Derilinx have recently presented DataSparks at Irish Green Building Council Workshop.
  • Zumo initiated a Startup bootcamp with business model canvas, lean canvas and mentor matchmaking.
  • Zuzuko have released an open sourced version of their software.
  • Two new ODINE business profiles have been created for Land Insight, and YuScale.


Articles and News

The winners of the 8th ODINE call were announced several weeks ago. For those who missed the previous newsletter you can find a summary of the startups here, with a brief description about the services that they hope to provide.

The Open Data Institute (ODI), who aim to connect, equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with data, have been discussing exactly what “a culture of openness means”. In a recent blog post Anneza Pitsialis explains how encouraging global conversation is vital, and can lead to a wealth of new tools, improvements to old ones, new technology, and innovative implementations. This is demonstrated this with the case of building a network of ODI nodes which is designed to bring together perspectives, skills and experiences from members across the world.

Positive feedback from ODINE startups is always welcome, but recently there has been success from a company who unfortunately wasn’t selected for funding. Toyalarm, who aim to protect children from hazardous toys, have recently created the first version of their app after self-funding. The company got in contact to express that they are an example of a startup who, despite not being selected for the incubation process, were stimulated by the feedback they received which had lead them to the realisation and implementation of new ideas. We wish Toyalarm the best of luck!


The Future of Open Data?

Sir Nigel Shadbolt, open data and AI expert, famously said that “if we are to realise the benefits that open data offers for innovation and value creation we must be bold, brave and resolute”. Since then, the open data economy is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of industry, but, where is this movement heading in the near future?

Some of our very own ODINE startups have been discussing their thoughts on which new and exciting trends they think will be the future of innovation for the open data movement. Thes include Open Vs. Closed data, eGovernment and health, and the importance of larger global concerns such as climate change. You can read the full story here.


Upcoming Events

30th – 1st December Smart Descriptions & Smarter Vocabularies (SDSVoc)

12th – 13th December DanubeHack 2.0

15th -16th  December – Open Data Hackathon DB

27th – 30th December – 33C3, Hamburg


Sincerely yours,

The ODINE team