Proposal template improvement for Round 7

As part of the continuous improvement of our evaluation instruments, we have made slight modifications to some of the questions in the proposal template to provide you with a clearer understanding of what we are looking for. The changes are:

1) In first question of section 2.1, we added “Who are your users”?
2) In second question of section 2.1, we changed “What is your monetization strategy?” to “What are your revenue model and monetisation strategy?”
3) In section 3.1, we merged the questions “How many members are working full time in the project?” and “How many members are working part time on the project?” into one.
4) In section 3.2, third question, we added “What is the customer acquisition cost (actual or predicted)?”

Note that this changes do not modify the eligibility guidelines. We will accept as eligible applications following the 6th round template, but we strongly recommend you to update to the new version.

To provide further guidance, we prepared an annotated version of the template (available here), with a short explanation of the answers we expect..

Kind Regards,
ODINE team.