launches with over 1 million records


It provides deep corporate transparency into Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland. is a free online service, API and a paid data feed service providing the world’s first standardised data source for Gazette notices. Jurisdictions currently covered include Ireland, France,Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Gazettes are rich sources of data on critical corporate events such as liquidation, change of directors, credit notices and mergers. This data is often locked down in unstructured PDFs or different web pages, which makes it difficult to query across different time periods, names and jurisdictions. We’ve taken this challenge head on and in OpenCorporates style, put it all as searchable, machine-readable data behind a powerful search.

 A standardised European dataset of companies with related gazette notices linked to key corporate events is a powerful tool for due diligence, assessing corporate risk and investigations.