ODINE Newsletter – January 3rd

ODINE Newsletter – January 3rd

Seasons greetings and a happy new year to all from the ODINE team! The previous twelve months have proved to be a successful and inspiring year, not only for start-ups currently working with the project, but also from the plethora of graduated companies, supporting actors and open data advocates around the world. We have every hope that 2017 can improve on our successes this year thanks to our unique community!


Kicking Off the New Year: Company Updates

  • Green Spin have published user stories for their product mofato – a tool to aid with modern farming – on their website. You can read more about the story in their journal, here.
  • Ask HELMUT will be teaming up with Mercedes for the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Berlin. Read more about the event here.
  • The story of start-up company Exceedance has been published on the IMERC Facebook page – a page which promotes the Ireland as a hub for research and development in the energy sector. You can find their story here.

The Internet of Things in 2017

Yodit Stanton, the founder of start-up company OpenSensors, has recently discussed the projection of open data and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the coming year with Thomson Reuters. She explains that the themes of better asset utilisation, data visualisation, and extracting value from combined public/private data sets are the key trends they expect to see throughout 2017.

In addition these overarching trends Miss Stanton explains that areas such as infrastructure, both macro and micro environmental data, agriculture and automotive global supply chains will most likely also experience rapid adoption. The wider set of causes will, over time, result in aggregated data with better insight and accessibility. You can read the full interview in this blog post.


A Greener Year?

Plume Labs, graduates of the ODINE project, have recently announced that earlier in the year they raised $4.5 million in seed round funding. The company build personal sensors to track air pollution wherever you go, and provide a mobile app with recommendations to reduce your exposure. This supports and encourages the move towards better air quality supported by governments the world over.

The company explain that for users this phenomenal amount of funding means three things: an improved app free of charge and devoid ad-free, more data to support the global clean air agenda, and creating the most advanced and comprehensive personal air tracker. The company are set to launch a beta test of the service at CES 2017 in conjunction with other research projects. Read the full announcement here


Upcoming Events

January 10th – Information and Networking Day H2020 ICT

January 11th – Detail Data Conference: Open Data for Funding, Citizens and Services

January 12th – 4th Connected Smart Cities Conference

January 13th – Internet of Things Privacy and Security Workshop

January 19th – La Rochelle Open Data Conference

January 23rd – 24th – IoT Tech Expo Europe


Wishing you all the best for the new year,
The ODINE team