ODINE Newsletter – February 28th

ODINE Newsletter – February 28th



Company Updates

  • Zazuko will be presenting at the LODLAM conference in Venice.
  • Derilinx have showcased DataSparks at the National Sustainability Summit. You can find a summary of their showcase here.
  • Proseph D.O.O have won the “Food and City” people’s choice award in Austin, Texas. They will also be visiting FruitLogistica trade show later on this month.
  • Land Insight planning application’s API is now available for both commerical and non-commercial use.


Open Data Camp, 2017

Open Data Camp is an “unconference” which focused loosely on all things open data. It was recently held in the city of Cardiff, Wales and featured talks, pitches, panels and discussions about a range of aspects relating to open data both on the micro and macro levels. A series of informative and summative blog posts have been produced which cover the topics of the event. These include but aren’t limited to “Learning to Love Linked Data”, “Better Local Government through Open Data”, “Sustaining Senior Sponsorship”, “Open Data for Evil” and “What Makes for a Good API?”.


Creating the Smart Cities of the Future

Marc Ambasna-Jones has recently written an article examining whether UK cities can deliver secure, resilient technology and data infrastructure amidst a lack of growth of local digital services in the country. Writing for the Guardian, he explains that despite the local government unveiling its latest funding assessment Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) remain concerned over budget cuts and funding gaps.

In an interview with Jarmo Eskelinen, CTO at Future Cities Catapult, the article explains that very few cities in the UK have CTOs and the extensive pay cuts are slowing this even further. The UK government started researching the value of smart cities in 2013, culminating in the announcment of a HyperCat initiative in three major cities. With varying results from this there is a growing concern that Uk smart cities movement  may be in trouble. You can read the full article here.


Upcoming Events

Februrary 27th – March 1st – IVAPP 2017

March 3rd – 4th – Open Data Hackathon, Germany

March 6th – Open Belgium 2017

March 7th – 9th – “Smart Cities” Conference, Europe

March 20th – 24th – CeBIT 2017

March 21st – 22nd – Open Science Conference 2017


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