Newsletter – November 15th 2016

November continues to be a busy and productive month for ODINE. The past week has been literature-heavy with a number of articles written about many aspects of ODINE and the open date movement on the whole, from open data advocates and investors alike.

Articles and News

Scott Sage recently published an article about the ODINE group after taking part in the final review event. In a short blog post he argued that open data incubators, like ODINE, are instrumental to validate business models for open data companies, and to raise interest in them from a wider community, including investors. He further stated that he was blown away by the potential of the some of the incubated startups from the latest cohort to graduate.

Individuals from incubated companies themselves have also been writing about the open data movement: Murat Abur, CTO and Co-founder of Suade Labs has recently published an article discussing the best practices for data standards. The article looks at the three key aspects for financial regulation (Community, Neutrality and Clear focus) on which their FIRE regulation is built upon. Following on from this other considerations for data standards, particularly for businesses, are discussed.

Furthermore, there has been an article written about the ODINE startup Exceedancebased upon their company interview, which was conducted during their incubation period. Exceedance are a startup who frees companies from in-house spreadsheets to enable them to focus on analysing and optimising their projects. The article summarises their partnership with ODINE and looks at approaches to harnessing open data in general for financial modelling and analytics in renewables.

Announcement of Cohort 8

Recently the winners of the 8th call were announced. Below you can find out a little bit about each of them, and what services they hope to provide throughout their incubation period with ODINE.

Air and Space Evidence – This startup was founded in 2014 and provide three core services centered around evidence from state-of the-art commercial satellite technologies operating from space. The satellites we use can provide images of large areas of land, as well as having the ability to zoom in to see objects as small as a manhole cover or post-box. All of this is done remotely.

Derilinx – The company provides high-quality Linked & Open Data solutions, paving the way for evidence-based decision making, cost savings through greater organisational efficiencies, and improved use of business intelligence.

Guide2Property – This company creates personalised and tailored property suggestions for people looking to buy/sell property. They use open data, combined with a personal real estate profile which is unique to the user.

Idalab – This company provides three main services to provide clients with a competitive advantage in their field. They firstly engineer new products and research, secondly process improvement and data-driven automation, and finally help clients navigate the world of big data, machine learning and AI.

IPlytics – This company aims to be the worldwide entity to provide data and analytics on technologies and markets that can be accessed via one single tool: IPlytics Platform. They ultimately aim to transform the future of market intelligence and radically change the way companies are interacting with business-critical information and data.

Mint Labs – Human brain imaging research reveals that brain conditions are multifaceted, with different symptoms that can be traced to different networks of brain regions. This company offers a wide spectrum of technological solutions targeted to understand the brain, whether human or animal.

Pictured below: Some of the team from Mint Labs, one of the winners of the 8th ODINE call for companies.


Prospeh – This company allows individuals to easily find out the origin of food. Their application, OriginTrail, can trace any packaged product back to each respective farm. They also offer the ability to buy fully traced foods including meat and dairy products.

Sinergise – This company builds large turn-key information systems primarily in the fields of agriculture and real-estate administration. They focus on advanced applications for distributed GIS editing.

Tilde – This company provide scientific research and consulting in materials informatics. Tilde is a brand name for open-sourced materials informatics software that provides computational research for prospective materials, high-throughput database-driven ab initio simulations, and full-stack software development for the scientific data repositories.

Upcoming Events

15-17. November 4YFN

6.-9. December – Open Government Partnership, Paris

12.-13. December DanubeHack 2.0

15.-16 December – Open Data Hackathon DB

27.-30. December – 33C3, Hamburg

Sincerely yours,

The ODINE team

Will you be in Barcelona at 4YFN@MWC next year? Don´t miss the Open Data Business Today event on Tuesday!

We are excited to annouce that ODINE will have a special event at the 4YFN@MWC event next year. We will have some of our ODINE startups presenting their amazing projects at the event on Tuesday. Don´t miss out in this opportunity to see what Open Data is capable of!

WHEN: Tuesday February 23, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM CET
WHERE: 4YFN Telefonica Stand Stage, Fira de Barcelona, Recinto de Montjuic

Speakers include:

Paul Manwaring, Glimworm BeaconsSecure and attractive with a removable cover. iBeacon compatible BLE sensors with a long battery life – IOS and Android iBeacon technology

Katalin Gallyas, Data Press, Data portals integrating CKAN and WordPress. Custom made for cities, DataPress is a fast and affordable way to transform local government data into resources that your residents can use.

Benardo RondelliSIRIS Academics, Consolidated consultancy for Higher Education and Research, specialized in data-driven approaches to organizational change. 

Please note you will need a 4YFN or MWC Pass to access the venue.