Making Progress: Cohort 7

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The winners of ODINE’s 7th cohort were announce just two months ago. The cohort, featuring nine companies, has since been making progress towards their milestones and goals. Here are a couple of updates that have caught our eye:




Environment Systems Ltd, who specialise in freemium access to near real-time satellite derived environmental data products (available over the web), have been developing their software and data systems. The company explain that “with this business model basic services are provided free of charge to non-specialists while more advanced services aimed at professional users must be paid for. These data service offerings are only available because open data greatly lowers the barriers to entry thus, when applied to satellite derived Earth observation products, there is an opportunity for a new ‘disruptive’ business model that provides local scale environmental monitoring”.

They aim to be able release their services on an England-wide scale which will feature open satellite data that includes Sentinel 1 & 2 by 2017. Their recent developments include implementing an open data license, architecture analysis, and AWS bench marking.




Zazuko, who aim to help archival institutions to provide a more valuable catalog and increase their visibility, have been developing their service specifications by conducting customer interviews. The company “enable the linking any kind of information with any other information, no matter where the information lives by integrating both internal and external data”.

Recent developments by the company include the first stages of public testing and interviews, a primary open source release of the service, and refining their technical KPI’s. In addition to this they have presented at several international conferences with the aim to meet potential customers.




Finally, Zumo, an agency for Design and Engineering, have been implementing parts from the MVP to the React Native Framework – a range of design tools to help projects. They aim to work towards producing deliverables before their first progress report in the coming few weeks.