IODC16: Latest News, Program and Infomation

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The International Conference for Open Data (IODC16) will be taking place in Madrid from the 6th – 7th of October, 2016. It represents a global forum for debating open data, showcasing innovations, and supporting it’s future. The IODC aims to “strengthen relationships between open data initiatives from a range of governments, and to establish a dialogue between influencing voices”.

So, what can the conference offer those in attendance, or those simply wishing to follow proceedings?

Firstly, IODC16 aims to bring together the most innovative and practical Open Data solutions that are driving social and economic impact on areas such as health, gender, cities, education, science, agriculture and many more. ODINE, as key actors in the field, will be attending with a range of their incubated companies. Particular program topics such as Data + Agriculture, Data + Cities, and Data + Accountability have strong ties with current ODINE graduates, as well as previously graduated cohorts.

Secondly, the conference will identify and explore both new opportunities and new debates that are shaping the Open Data agenda. Key topics in each of these areas will be chaired by world-leading open data advocates, researchers and business moguls which promises to produce some interesting and lively debate about specific open data applications. In particular this aim will be addressed by larger sessions such as ‘Open Data and the Sustainable Revolution’, and ‘Open Data: Global Goals, Local Impact’.

Thirdly, IODC16 aims to consolidate an international partnership on Open Data able to drive the development of global common resources for the international Open Data community. This takes the form of showcasing successes from a range of applications and developments, confronts shared challenges, and helps to ensure that the open data vision and diverse initiatives continue to coordinate effectively. Here you can expect to see and hear about original contributions and developments within the global community that you may never have thought possible.

The program for IODC16 has officially been released, and can be viewed here. As well as the agenda, there is also an area for blogs which conceptualize and explain some of the core issues which will be tackled during the conference. This is a great way to keep up to date with the themes and latest news happening during IODC16.

You can also follow events using the #IODC16 tag: share your personal experiences, ask questions directed at the community, and support open data from wherever you are.