Farm Dog saves growers time

The Farm Dog team from left to right: Ido Zilberberg (lead software engineer), Michael Hermon (CTO), Erez Sharon (VP Hardware), Liron Brish (CEO). Photograph: Farm Dog


Farm Dog, a precision agriculture company, announces the public launch of its platform that enables Integrated Pest Management (IPM) adoption and saves 45 minutes per day for growers and their trusted advisors.

Growers spend up to 20% of operating expenses on pest and disease management, yet still experience 20% to 40% annual crop loss due to pest and disease.  And even with increased scrutiny on pesticides and their use, the pesticide market is expected to grow to $80 billion per year by 2020, driving growers to search for more effective tools to counter threats to their crops.

Farm Dog provides growers and their advisors with an easy and affordable way to implement best practices in IPM.

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