How to Apply


ODINE’s call is a rolling process of 8 rounds lasting two months each. After the deadline of each round, we take roughly one month for the selection, which includes evaluation and interview, and one month for the negotiation of the milestones and contract agreement with the selected companies.


Applications have now been closed. In this page you can find out how we selected the companies.



What you need to submit

The whole application package consists of the 4-page proposal, the PIC number that confirms your registration as an SME within the EU and a declaration of honour, dated and signed. We provide an annotated version of the proposal for further guidance.
The process is managed through a submission platform, you can download a tutorial on how to use it on the right hand menu.

How are you assessed

Applications are first filtered according to its eligibility: Eligible country, respect the 4 page limit, did not modify the template, declaration of honor, eligible amount (up to 100k €), all questions in the template answered. Please check regularly our site and our communication channels for updates on our evaluation instruments.

Eligible applications are then analysed by two independent experts, the best among them are shortlisted for interview.

Proposals are assessed according to three criteria: idea, impact and team&budget.



What is the format

Shortlisted application will need to prepare a 5 minutes presentation for an evaluation panel comprised by independent evaluators and ODINE representatives. The interview will be held via Google Hangout and moderated by one or more ODINE representatives. Interviews will be recorded for documentation purposes.

Interview dates can’t be negotiated so make sure you will be available during those days.

How are you assessed

Your ability to pitch the idea and expand the critical points of what you summarized in the short proposal. We want to confirm the positive feeling we got from your proposal. You will be expected to answer questions about what you wrote and on any point unclear to the panel.



What you expect at this stage

In this phase, the milestones to accomplish during the 6 months project will be established. That’s the point when we will require you to sign some legal documents required by the EU to receive funds: a proof of legal existence – ideally the company register, translated in English – and the bank account of the company, where the funds will be transferred.

How are you assessed

You need to provide all legal documents in a timely manner. You can look at our workplan template for the milestones, the instrument we use to assess the progress and the form for their review. A template of the contract you will sign with us can be found here